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For individuals
  • Shipping cost - 0.5 kg 24500 won, for 1 kg 28990 won.
  • Package and documents delivery to Russia
  • Delivery via courier in 3+ days*

* Find out the exact delivery dates from our specialists by phone

Private individuals option: we help you deliver gifts and letters to your family and friends.
Types of documents allowed for delivery
Postcards, contracts, or bills are easy to send. Simply:

That’s it! We will pick up your items and deliver it directly to your addressee. Only A4 documents weighing less than 1,5 kg.
Types of goods allowed for shipment
Keep up-to-date on the delivery status anytime by using any of our services:
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How can I get a cost and time quote?
Rates and transit times depend on several factors: destination country, size, weight, cargo, and transportation type. You can calculate the cost yourself here or request a call to discuss the details with a manager.
Do rates include duties and customs clearance?
Our rates include customs clearance only for low-value goods. Import, export, local and customs duties, taxes / VAT on transport services are not included in our rates.
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